The Myths of Standardized Tests

Why They Donít Tell You What You Think They Do

Table of Contents

List of Medleys

Introduction: This Is Not a Test

Chapter 1. Misunderstanding Accountability: The Big Picture

Chapter 2. The Tests Are Too Narrow

Chapter 3. The Tests Donít Measure Achievement Adequately Testing Autobiography: Philís Story

Chapter 4. The Tests Are Less Than Objective Testing Autobiography: Bruceís Story

Chapter 5. Rewards and Punishments Donít Motivate Testing Autobiography: Joanís Story

Chapter 6. The Distortions of High Stakes

Chapter 7. Whatís Left Out?

Chapter 8. Why Not More Direct Measurement?

Chapter 9. The Tests Donít Predict Well

Chapter 10. New Ideas for Genuine Accountability

Chapter 11. Whatís It All About?

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